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JPL Institutes is a hard-working, family owned team that offers Leadership Development, Coaching and Communication services based in Tampa, FL. The diversity of their areas of expertise harmonize perfectly in building relationships in your personal and professional life.

Jay W. Lippy,

JPL Institutes, LLC

If you would like more information on the services we provide or would perfer a one on one, simply click the link below to contact our office and set an appointment to meet with

Dr. Phyl or Jay personally.

Dr. Phyl Lippy

JPL Institutes, LLC

From effective communication to conflict management to leadership development to marriage coaching, JPL Institutes’ educational process synchronizes scientific research with practical application so you can craft a life that reflects your core values and aspirations.


Imagine applying all of your unalterable traits to everything you do in such a manner that your legacy is one of impact and influence!


That is a life worth living and JPL Institutes can help you get there. 

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Jay’s focus is leadership development and helping individuals and teams learn how to communicate effectively, function efficiently, and reach maximum productivity. His Peoplemap™ Personality Type is Leader * Free Spirit and he is a proud U.S. Navy veteran, a Regional CEO for The Peoplemap™ System, published author, past president of the Rotary Club of Tampa, motivational speaker, an AACC & ICCA Certified Life Coach, approved Gottman Trainer in the “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”,  and thrives on helping leaders and professionals reach their full potential personally and professionally.



"From my earliest years in the U.S. Navy, as a 3rd Class Petty Officer, becoming one of the youngest trainers for fellow E-4s, I have always had a passion for governance and helping others grasp more of their potential for future leadership opportunities. In business, personal life, or enjoying my hobbies, I thrive on engaging others more deeply."






Dr. Phyl’s focus is marriage preparation, marriage counseling/coaching, The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Seminars, and Marriage Intensives. Her Peoplemap™ Personality Type is Task * Leader and she holds degrees in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy, is trained in Levels I & II Gottman Couples Therapy, is an AACC & ICCA Certified Life Coach, and is the Resident Premarital and Marriage Counselor/Coach at First United Methodist Church, Brandon, Florida. Visit Dr. Phyl's website.



"Education is very important in my family, so after homeschooling our three children and getting all of them off to college and adult life, I focused on my own dreams. I had heard so many stories of divorce, abandonment, abuse and pain that I wanted to know how I could help people, especially married couples and couples contemplating marriage." 

















Jay & Phyl have been married for 37 years and and while they have a passion for business, governance, and educating leaders for life, the best evidence of their influence can be most easily seen

in the lives and entreprenuerial spirit of their family.

After teaching High School English for several years, Danielle transitioned her part-time wedding business into a full-time Wedding Floral Design company. Her Peoplemap™ Personality Type is People * Leader.


                                          Save the Date Florida is a family wedding/event planning company that offers packages which involves

                                          everything a bride could possibly need for a perfect wedding day. SDF covers everything from wedding

                                          invitations, to floral decor, right down to the officiant. But, for the bride who likes to be more involved in  

                                          the planning they also offer a la carte services. 











With 20 years experience in the wedding business SDF has unique relationships with preferred vendors and they work with only the best DJs, Caterers, Venues, Photographers, and Rental Companies.


With Save the Date Florida, you can be sure you will be getting excellence in every area.

From the age of 8, Nathan's passion for food was already etched into his soul. A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Insititute of America, Nathan's desire to educate and entertain has skyrocketed him into living out his dream. With numerous appearances on the TODAY show, NBC's Daytime, and numerous Food and Wine Festivals, Nathan is a Chef, Host, a food contributor to, and owns Natian Media Productions. His Peoplemap™ Personality Type is Leader * Free Spirit.













                                         Chef/Host/Producer at www.NathanLippy.TV

                                         Official Chef for Cobblestone Bread Co ™

                                         Host of “Grill This” on The HUNGRY Channel

                                         “HomeGating” – Wholly Guacamole                    

                                         “Crash Course- Culinary 101” – NathanLippy.TV

                                         Food Contributor to


He says. "Since 2005, I have found my passion in teaching about the beauty and simplicity of food and my career in food is exactly where I hoped it would be."

Noelle's flair for the arts was formed in ballet and painting but has blossomed in educating homemakers in the art of making the mundane - well, Chic ! Her passions are baking, cooking, decorating, motherhood, and having an opinion. Her blog has over 3 million readers and on top of being a certified Doula, wife, mother, and blogger, she also owns a wedding cake business called Noelley Cakes. Her Peoplemap™ Personality Type is Free Spirit * Leader.

The Next


The definition of Integrity is the state of being whole, complete, and completely in tact. Success is not climbing the proverbial ladder at work while his or her personal life crumbles around them leaving no one to share life's victories and challenges - actually, that is the epitome of leadership failure.


When we say that JPL Insititues educates leaders for life, we mean that from every aspect of life. As business owners, as a married couple, as parents, and as grandparents, the foundation of understanding yourself and others is essential for being successful in life - not just business. 


We are certainly not perfect and have had our share of heartbreak, but, we have found a way through the challenges of business and life and as a result, we are loving this phase where we get to pour ourselves into our next generation of world changers. We are looking forward to July, 2015 when we will welcome our 6th grandson and 7th grandchild.



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