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We have found that many people in leadership positions struggle with specific issues related to their areas of responsibility. In the context of coaching, we retain the exact same concepts and terminology learned in the Peoplemap™ Leadership Development and Commmunication process and apply them to the specific circumstances they are facing. This helps them become sophisticated professionals able to adjust to their particular circumstances without violating their personal or professional Core Values. Success in leadership is the culmination of many skills involving vision, planning, relationships, creativity, and follow through. We provide a forum for individuals to fine–tune their skills and experience success in each realm of their leadership role. 

Success is often achieved by knowing what to attempt, just as much as it is knowing what to avoid.

In this case the Ancient Greek aphorism is accurate, "Know thyself."



This is where the 3 C's of JPL Institutes become pivitol:






* Your Conviction must be grounded in your Core Values.

* Be Courageous and adjust your life based on who you are, not what others want you to be.

* Be Creative in how you manage your personal and professional life by keeping your priorities in order. 


Your company or organization has invested a lot of time and expense into establishing its brand and identity.



Who are we? What do we stand for? What do we believe? Why do we do what we do?



A Corporate Mission Statement declares all of these ideals in a few short sentences. Amazingly, many leaders are not able to identify their own Core Values or defined purpose and thus, cannot express clearly whether or not they are a good fit with the overarching objectives of their company or leadership team. 




 Even if you have not personally vetted this process, your co-workers and clients often know the truth and the harmonization of

who you are and what you do is probably why you are being successful, or not.

Remove the subjectivity from life and be intentional about your future.


JPL Institutes Coaching Team

Dr. Phyl Lippy
Task * Leader

      Jay W. Lippy

Leader * Free Spirit

Jay’s focus is leadership development and helping individuals and teams learn how to communicate effectively, function efficiently, and reach maximum productivity. His Peoplemap™ Personality Type is Leader * Free Spirit and he is a proud U.S. Navy veteran, a Regional CEO for The Peoplemap™ System, published author, motivational speaker, an AACC & ICCA Certified Life Coach, approved Gottman Trainer in the “Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work”,  and thrives on helping leaders and professionals reach their full potential personally and professionally.


Dr. Phyl’s focus is marriage preparation, marriage counseling/coaching, The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work Seminars, and Marriage Intensives. Her Peoplemap™ Personality Type is Task * Leader and she holds degrees in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy, is trained in Levels I & II Gottman Couples Therapy, is an AACC & ICCA Certified Life Coach, and is the Resident Premarital and Marriage Counselor/Coach at First United Methodist Church, Brandon, Florida



Together, integrating concepts, terminology and an easy to embrace process, Jay & Dr. Phyl blend empirical data from years of scientific research into their areas of expertise and remove subjectivity from some of life’s most challenges issues. The results are phenomenal and they are enabling leaders and professionals to maximize their potential – personally AND professionally. 

JPL Institutes Marriage Seminar 

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