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Leadership Development

Because success rarely rests on the skill set of one or two positional leaders,

our systematic approach to leadership develops an individual’s understanding of his or her personal strengths and challenges while at the exact same time educates the entire team about their

unique attributes as a whole.

The Peoplemap™ System 
Helping companies identify their most valuable resources.....their people!


HOW DOES IT WORK? Seven questions, five minutes, and 95% accurate - our system works because it is easy to understand and applicable to everyday activity. This training is a method of creating vision, developing people skills, increasing communication, managing cycles of conflict, creating momentum, addressing the bottom line, dealing with crisis and stimulating growth. Our process is highly interactive and is easy to understand and apply. Your company, organization or non-profit, will find The Peoplemap™ System a useful and profitable experience.  Because our foundation is based in scientific research rather than subjective interpretation it will be time well spend for your entire team.  


Our approach to Leadership Development involves a series of inter-related programs that build the individual’s understanding of personal and positional leadership that begins with and builds on the Peoplemap™ basic Training Program:   


  • Understanding Yourself and Others

  • Leadership/Team Building Program

  • Goals, Peak Performance Program

  • Emerging Leaders Program (A 6 month training course that includes a 360 Review, Case Studies, FIRO-B Test, Group Exercises, and 6 hours personalized coaching for each participant.)

  • Marriage Seminar - (See our 'Coaching' Page for details)






































We excel in the development of your employees' people skills to complement their technical skills and abilities. We develop your employees in two ways:


1. We build better working relationships at all levels of your organization:


     * Management and Staff

     * Team Members with Co–workers

     * The Executive Team

     * All Staff and Customer Service Representatives

     * Inside and outside Sales Force

     * Customer/Patient Satisfaction


We help people become their best so they maximize their potential.


2. Through helping people understand their personality type using the Peoplemap™ Personality System, we achieve both relationship and individual development.  This improves the overall productivity and effeciency of the company as a whole.

"Some firms specialize in finances, others help you focus on systems, but we concentrate on the “people side” of the equation, which makes all the rest come together

more productively."

"Our company secured Jay Lippy to do a People Map seminar with 80 of our senior leadership team. I have to say that I was initially skeptical about the amount of positive influence the program would bring. Three hours later, I was blown away with the authentic interaction that had infiltrated our team. Jay worked with our leaders and helped them understand how to communicate with each other in a way that was significantly more meaningful. Strengthening our culture is important to us, and the People Map program delivered."  


John Faulkner

Founder & Editor in Chief

Two Ten Magazine

If you would like to order any of our fantastic PeopleMap products online simply click the link and choose from the list provided. 

Building a Fantastic Team
Putting the right people in the right places makes the difference!


Research shows the more effective people are in building relationships with others the more successful and productive they will be at work. Yet, since the late 1990s, 64% of organizations have found it necessary to provide some type of training to

help staff become more proficient in these areas.

Don't just sit in the right seat, enjoy the ride!

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